Saturday, December 15, 2012


Want to make an elephant? You're welcome to use one of the dozens of elephant tutorials floating around the internet in whatever craft form you want and add the printable tag. But if you want the specific elephant that started this, keep reading.

You'll need to print the elephant pattern from here

And you can print the tags here

The elephant itself is pretty simple to make.

Cut out 2 bodies and 4 ears. Transfer dashed line for ear and dot for eye onto right side of front pieces.

Sew two sets of ears, with fabric right sides together, leaving straight  edge open.

Turn ear right side out, pressing raw edges 1/4" in to the inside. Topstitch closed. Fold a pleat in the ear and pin to the ear placement line. Sew in place, backstitching at each end of the ear.

Use embroidery thread to make French knots for the eyes.

Pin the two bodies right sides together, taking care to fold the ears out of the way of the seam allowance. Stitch around body, leaving belly open for turning and stuffing.

Turn elephant right side out and stuff.

Hand stitch opening in belly closed.

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